The Arts Society Portsdown (formerly called Portsdown DFAS) has been offering members a vibrant and interesting programme of lectures, study days, outings and tours for many years. We are a member society of The Arts Society and we are a registered charity in our own right: no. 801224.

We hold ten monthly lectures from October through to July on a broad range of arts based subjects. Recent subjects have ranged from horses in sculpture to art nouveau architecture. In addition: Study days are held each year allowing for a more in depth look at an artistic subject. Outings are arranged to places of interest such as Kelmscott Manor and Longford Castle.

Each year an arts based tour is arranged to places such as Glasgow and Northumbria. We also take part in Heritage Volunteer projects, for example, preserving materials at Stansted House and helping to conserve the books at the Admiralty Library in the Portsmouth Dockyard.