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11 April 2019The Artists of Montmartre - the Pilgrims of Babylon.
09 May 2019Golden Vienna.
13 June 2019Food and Art through the ages.
11 July 2019AGM followed by The Work of Making Space

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The Artists of Montmartre - the Pilgrims of Babylon. Douglas Skeggs Thursday 11 April 2019

There is no name more evocative of Bohemian Life; of high spirits, decadence, poverty and revolutionary art in Paris than Montmartre, home to some of France’s greatest artists. Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec & Picasso would paint canvases that would  shake the very foundations of Western art. This lecture charts the course of the extraordinary artistic life in Montmartre.

The Lecturer:

Douglas Skeggs read Fine Art at Magdalene College Cambridge. A lecturer on paintings since 1980, he is also an author and maker of TV