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09 January 2020Pearls and Pomegranates, Peacocks and Pipes: the Hidden Language of Renaissance Art
12 December 2019Grandfather Frost and the Old New Year: Russian Christmas
14 November 2019Leonardo da Vinci: the Science of Art and the Art of Science
10 October 2019The Roaring Twenties: Art, Design and High Society
11 July 2019AGM followed by The Work of Making Space
13 June 2019Food and Art through the ages.
09 May 2019Golden Vienna.
11 April 2019The Artists of Montmartre - the Pilgrims of Babylon.
14 March 2019Inn Signia - Pub signs: the artwork and stories behind their names.
14 February 2019Victoria and Albert - Art and Love.
10 January 2019Charles Darwin and the Voyage of HMS Beagle.
13 December 2018The Grand Tour: the Perils and Pleasures of 18th century travellers' journeys to Italy.
08 November 2018Pots and Frocks - the world of Grayson Perry.
11 October 2018Antiques
12 July 201813.45 - AGM followed at 14.00 by A Brief History of the King's Theatre
14 June 2018Thomas Heatherwick - 'The Leonardo da Vinci of our Times'
10 May 2018Basingstoke and its contribution to World Culture
12 April 2018Inspired by Stonehenge
08 March 2018Buried Treasures - Spectacular Hoards of Late Roman Silver
08 February 2018The Art of Cameo Glass
11 January 2018Hidden Canvasses - Street Art and the City
14 December 2017Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish
09 November 2017Making History in Bronze
12 October 2017Goodwood - a house of ducal splendour
13 July 201713.45 - AGM followed at 14.00 by The Adventures of an Artist in Calabria
08 June 2017Plants in art and culture - how plants created society
11 May 2017The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
13 April 2017Virginia Woolf on Life and Art
09 March 2017An Introduction to Art Nouveau Architecture
09 February 2017Fra Filippo Lippi
12 January 2017The Ups and Downs in the Lives of the Impressionists along the Seine
08 December 2016Traditions of the Magi
10 November 2016James Gillray - a caterpillar on the green leaf of reputation
13 October 2016The Sculpted Horse: themes in equine sculpture
14 July 201613.45 AGM followed at 14.00 by A Sailor's life and death on the Mary Rose
09 June 2016Robert Adam, 'Athenian' Stuart and William Chambers: three British architects at the dawn of Neoclassicism
12 May 2016Capability Brown and the gift of landscape
14 April 2016Searching for Shakespeare 1616-2016
10 March 2016Easter presents from Faberge
11 February 2016The Romantic Spirit: the effect of the Napoleonic Wars on German culture 1800-1850 (with musical snippets)
14 January 2016Andalusia: the Arabs in Spain
10 December 2015In the Bleak Midwinter - artists' responses to snow
12 November 2015Napoleonic style and its creator - Vivant Denon
08 October 2015Travellers among Mountains and Streams, Masterpieces of Chinese Landscapes
09 July 2015Edward Barnsley Workshop
11 June 2015Art Deco
14 May 2015Pockets of History
09 April 2015A History of Stained Glass Windows
12 March 2015The Old Vic - the story of a great theatre
12 February 2015Further Dusty Ramblings
08 January 2015Meissen/Sevres and their influence on Chelsea
11 December 2014The Art of Christmas
13 November 2014The Pier Head Painters: a study of the naïve ship portrait painters in Europe and America 1780-early 20th century
09 October 2014Elegance and repose: the Garden Seat
10 July 2014Calligraphy - By Appointment
12 June 2014Behind the London Livery Companies: Objects and stories
08 May 2014Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
10 April 2014The Glorious Tree
13 March 2014Two English Porcelain Factories - Chelsea and Bow: a study in contrasts
13 February 2014Temples, Tombs and Treasures: in search of the Queen of Sheba
09 January 2014Libya uncovered - the magnificence of Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrene.
12 December 2013Illuminated Manuscripts, Books of Hours
14 November 2013From the Workshop to the Studio: Images of the artist at work
10 October 2013The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
11 July 201313.45 AGM followed at 14.00 by Stansted Park Buffet lunch at 12.30 - see under 'News'
13 June 2013The Life-Enhancing Garden
09 May 2013Thomas Chippendale and his contemporaries
11 April 2013Tribal Rugs - treasures of the Black Tent
14 March 2013Clearly Obscure - 30 years and just scratching the surface
14 February 2013Hindu mythology in the temple sculpture of South India
10 January 2013With just a needle and thread
13 December 2012Klimt and the Viennese Secession
08 November 2012Iconography: the hidden stories in art
11 October 2012Ceramics of the Islamic World
12 July 2012Parsonage Down
14 June 2012The Bayeux Tapestry – the world’s oldest comic strip: the historical aspects of this unique masterpiece.
10 May 2012Mathematics and Art in the Work of Piero della Francesca
12 April 2012Now you see it, now you don’t – the art of deception
08 March 2012Beautiful, Beastly, Bizarre: the Art of Hieronymus Bosch
09 February 2012Sir Kenneth Clark: a one man NADFAS
12 January 2012Grinling Gibbons, carver to the Crown
08 December 2011Glory to the New Born King: depictions of the nativity in European art
10 November 2011A Tonic for the Nation: Design and decorative arts in post war Britain
13 October 2011The History of the Royal Academy of Arts in London

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Pearls and Pomegranates, Peacocks and Pipes: the Hidden Language of Renaissance Art Shirley Smith Thursday 09 January 2020

It is sometimes difficult for us to understand the full meaning of a painting from the past due to the wealth of symbolism it contains, much of it obscure to us today but instantly recognizable to contemporaries.  

This lecture aims to peel back the layers of Renaissance art by deciphering the meaning of some of these symbols - spiritual and secular, virginal and vulgar - and so enable us to read these paintings like the people for whom they were intended.

Shirley Smith graduated from the University of East Anglia with a first class honours degree in the History of Art, specialising in the Italian and Northern Renaissance.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a part-time lecturer for the University of East Anglia and for the Department of Continuing Education of the University of Cambridge.