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05 June 2019Bowood House and Garden, Calne near Chippenham.

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Bowood House and Garden, Calne near Chippenham.
Wednesday 05 June 2019

Bowood is a grade 1 listed Georgian country house with interiors by Robert Adam and a garden designed by Lancelot "Capability" Brown.  It has been the home of the Landsdowne family since 1754.  The "big house" was demolished in 1955 for economic reasons.  However, the remaining house is still large and is open to the public with rooms, paintings and sculpture on dispay.  One room was the laboratory of Joseph Priestley who discovered oxygen there in 1774.

The private walled garden has four distinctly different one-acre squares.  A truly special experience as you walk through the secret door.

£55 or £45 for HHA members.